“[T]he POWERS of Government may be REASSUMED by the People, WHENSOEVER it shall become NECESSARY to their HAPPINESS.”       

-New York State Ratification of the US Constitution (1788) 




To register an ethno party, send an email to ARRESTCUOMO [[AT]] GMAIL.COM 





  1. Why the current NYS office holders are DOMESTIC ENEMIES
  2. Why the NYS Legislature is an illegal legislature
  3. Why any 2022 debts or budgets issued by NYS government lack legitimacy
  4. How to swap in the Ethno Parliament
  5. How ethno parties will get seats in an ethno parliament
  6. Problems that an ethno parliament solves
  7.  Problems ethno-politics solves 
  8. Role of a NYS Board of Trustees in creating and legitimizing an Ethno-Parliament
  9. Public funding of elections, campaigns, and parties through a NYS Board of Trustees
  10. How ethno-parties support the NYS Board of Trustees


New York Board of Trustees

Ethno Parliament


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