The ETHNOPOWER FORUM serves to coordinate party leaders with the Board of Trustees and leaders of other parties on party-development matters.
Parties will have their own party outlets to communicate more closely with their own members.
Access to the forum is currently open.
Access to the ETHNOPOWER FORUM is subject to change depending on ethno-serving usage. Posting privileges may be further restricted to leading party members and their candidates and officers.  
All parties will have their own Forum Category upon satisfaction with and recommendation from the Board of Trustees.
Because the ethno-party system does not require funding from outside contributions, there is no need for wedge-issue politics to polarize our politics to raise money. Thus, there is no need for “issue-advocacy” on things like abortion.
This is not a one-issue forum, a religious forum, or a forum of religious parties, but an ethno-party forum serving ethno-teleology.
Ethno-teleology is our common method which will help us attain unity, arrive at common solutions, and resolve or de-escalate problems.  
One should faithfully apply, or figure out how to apply, ethno-teleology to various issues.  All such solutions and reasonings are welcome.