Here are Ten Facts to help you understand GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS (GBG) as the key to 20th Century history.

The GBG thesis exposes the RACIST ANTI-GERMANISM which is the axiom of all British discourse vis-à-vis Europe.


[1] Napoleon I invades Russia. This sparks the movement for German unification out of its hundreds of statelets.


[2] Napoleon III invaded Germany in 1871.  France loses the war. III is captured. Bismarck unifies Germany.


[3] British imperialist Cecil Rhodes, later Prime Minister of the British Cape Colony and voice of the British empire, declares the British ambition to rule the world: to put all of Africa, South American, Asia, under the British empire, and to hijack the United States for British purposes by means of a secret Anglophile society.

This is the origin of our term…the RHODES MAFIA…which started the Rhodes Scholarships and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The British never repudiated Cecil Rhodes. This is a British declaration of war on the world. This declaration is revealed through various wills, which are, a matter of public information. Cecil Rhodes CONFESSION OF FAITH.

Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, meaning, a British-serving agent.  Clinton used NAFTA to move American industry to British-dominated China.

America has no national defense despite spending $700 billion on security.  US commissioned officers are freemasons. Freemasonry answers to the British royal family.

With Queen’s cousin, Duke of Kent is the most senior Freemason in the hierarchy, while she was married to a mason Prince Philip who wished to reincarnate as a virus to exterminate mankind and died during the height of corona virus. Masonry claims to make “good men better.” The British have an infinite capacity for self-deception and moralistic aggression.

The US military answers to the British monarchy.

How could 911 happen? How could the US military stand down? It’s obvious now. The British did 911.

Five Rhodes scholars (enemy British agents) serve in Biden’s administration, most prominently, Jake Sullivan.


[4] The German Kaiser and the Ottoman Sultan make a voluntary peaceful deal to develop, what should be called, Otto-Germania and Otto-Germania’s oil (versus the notion of a self-proclaimed British mandate).

Unlike France or Britain, Germany has a natural advantage to developing the Middle East. It is connected by land through, friendly, Austria-Hungary, has the technical and industrial skill to build the sizeable railroad, and is trusted by the Ottomans, unlike the two-faced British.

Germany agrees to build the train track to haul oil into Europe. The Ottoman’s agreed to cede 20 km of oil drilling rights, on either side of the railroad, to pay for it. This railroad is called the BERLIN-TO-BAGHDAD RAILROAD.   (see also Century of War by Engdahl below.)

Had the railroad been completed, France would have had to serve the cause peace in Europe over the cause of war on Europe on British behalf.


[5] Britain realizes that to rule the world, it must control the oil of the industrial countries of Europe.  To control Europe’s access to oil, Britain must control the world’s oil reserves. However, this ambition is illegitimate and can only be sustained by endless evil.

Once Europe is controlled by its oil belly, the rest of the agricultural world will fall into Britain’s hands. Britain will face no realistic opposition to world domination.

Britain demands that oil to travel by sea, not rail, where the terrorist British navy could cut it off, and hold Europe hostage to WHITE SUPREMACY.


[6] Britain plans to destroy the vision of Otto-Germania—peaceful co-development of the Middle East—by pursuing the encirclement and destruction of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottomans. WWI was about regime change.

To prevent Russia from filling in the vacuum, and taking the oil, the British aimed to destroy Russia with British-serving mass murder communism.

Fabian Society founder Sidney Webb—of the King’s Privy Council—GROOMS Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky for the Britain’s Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Lenin translates Webb’s work into Russian. Fabian George Bernard Shaw hails Stalin as, “the arch Fabian of Europe.”

Fabian Nehru (1947-1964) takes over India after Britain gives India “independence.”

That Putin celebrates Fabian Stalin tells you he is a fool or a Fabian British-agent.



[7] Britain ENCIRCLES AND DESTROYS Germany through WWI and the Versailles Treaty, reversing German Unification.

Ottomans are destroyed.

Britain steals Otto-Germania’s oil by the baseless British Mandate.

The British recognize Palestine as a FUTURE home for Jews setting off endless and needless hostility.

The Queen knights Shimon Peres who accepts knighthood on behalf of the State of Israel. To be a knight is to be a servant. Israel is a British servant state, not a Jewish sovereign state.

British-Bolshevik agents kill the czar, topple the Kaiser, and ruin the Kaiser’s vision of peace for the Middle East for the next 100 years.

WWI is the first WAR FOR OIL.


[8] Hitler REUNIFIES Germany, reversing the Versailles Genocide, to restore full Germany sovereignty to the German people. Hitler’s restoration of German unification and sovereignty was a heroic and noble accomplishment.  Hitler always wanted a German-serving government to protect blood Germans on traditional German soil.  Self-defense is exculpatory. Hitler did not invade Poland. Poland is Prussia. Self-defense is exculpatory. Britain’s declaration of war was not about Poland, but about German unity.  Churchill admitted that the war is about crushing the strength of the German people.

Like Pakistan in relation to Indian, Poland was invented by the British—created out of German soil, to be a hostile state on Germany’s border used to trigger Britain’s next war of choice.  We are right to call this GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS.  


[9] Britain declares War on German Restoration, and aims to exterminate the German people to extinguish Germans claims over Otto-Germania’s oil. Britain firebombs 60 German cities, burning alive German boys and girls in holocaust after holocaust. Britain’s Soviet proxies rape and murder millions of German women and girls. British-American proxies starve to death surrendering German soldiers in Eisenhauer’s death camps. The population is denied food and starved to death. Twenty million Germans die in Britain’s world wars on Germany.  Britain is fully responsible for this genocidal war by genocidal means.


[10] Post-war, the British institutionalize RACIST ANTI-GERMANISM across the academic, educational, and political world with the GASACAUST SLANDER. The GASACAUST SLANDER was invented by Britain’s Soviet proxies who lied about the Soviet Katyn Massacre. This impeaches their character and the credibility of the slander, which British newspapers introduced in WWI.  Free speech is abolished for those who resist Britain’s genocidal slander against Germans. Thousands are prosecuted, fined, and jailed.



The GENOCIDAL BRITISH wanted Germany dead to rule the world.

Hitler’s restoration of German Unification was just.

The British encircled Germany to seize Otto-Germania’s oil. The war was always a genocidal war of Britain’s choice.  Hitler, repeatedly, sought peace with Britain.

Bombing German civilian targets was not a necessity of war because Hitler was not the aggressor.

Hitler is not accused of burning Jews alive. He is accused of gassing them. That is why we insist on the term GASACAUST SLANDER.

There was an Anglo-American holocaust of German and Japanese boys and girls, but no holocaust of Jews.




[a] The GASACAUST SLANDER serves several aims. The main aim is to destroy German identification with German national identity, thereby, destroying the German nation forever. This operation is ongoing.  If you don’t care about your national identity, you won’t defend your sovereignty, borders, language, and culture. All of these have been reduced, or eliminated, visibly for all the world to see.

[b]  The GASACAUST SLANDER is essential to the mythical legitimacy of the State of Israel. Joe Biden declares, “If Israel didn’t exist, we would have to invent one” to dominate the middle east.  They, certainly, invented one.

[c] The GASACAUST SLANDER obliterates the reality of the situation.  Holocaust means death by fire; burning people alive.  Hiroshima was a holocaust. Hamburg was a holocaust. Britain and America are guilting of multiple holocausts. They targeted civilians for extermination, and firebombed them. No one disputes this.


Firebombing violates the laws of war.

The Anglo-American war was illegal.

WWII victory of white supremacy is VOID. 

We know today, that WWI was a war for WHITE SUPREMACY…which is why Anglos have a bigger stake in the gasacaust slander than Jews.

Britain’s creation of Israel served Genocidal British Geopolitics, while it never served Jews.

A conqueror must be seen as the good guy or else his victory is subject to reversal. (GOVERNMENT BY DECEPTION: 113)

Because the British world wars were born of EVIL—maniacal greed, envy, and malice for civilized Europe—the British must blame and exterminate Germans to avoid being haunted by the truth, just as a British rapist must blame and murder his female or child victims, which in the case of WWII is legion.

To hold their gains of unprecedented evil, ANGLO-AMERICA must slander Hitler and demonize and exterminate Germans to get away with genocidal greed and world domination—to the detriment of everyone who is not German.

The genocide of Armenians was a product of Britain’s destruction of the Ottomans.

The genocide of Ukrainians was a product of Britain’s destruction of the Czar and Russia.

The genocide of Bengalis was a product of Britain’s war effort to destroy Germany.

The genocides of Southeast Asia, Korea, and China were a product of Britain’s sponsorship of mass murder communism in Russia.

All of these genocides were operations designed to serve British interests of world domination.

Communism, specifically, targets native cultures and peoples for destruction towards an “international” identity, globalism, i.e. British imperialism, i.e., white supremacy.  By targeting peoples by their national identity, communism has to be genocidal.

Carroll Quigley admitted that the Anglo-American Establishment (AAE) will work with the communist network (Jews) for world domination.

“The [Rhodes Mafia] and the British conservative government had reached the fantastic idea that they could kill two birds with one stone by setting Germany and Russia against one another in Eastern Europe.” (Quigley AAE): 265

If it is true that Britain and America are COMPLETELY responsible for the holocausts of WWII, which is what we maintain, then these regimes cannot exist. They must be dissolved. They are illegal regimes and existential threats to mankind—as they have proven to be—in Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, in the lies and deceptions they produced around 911 and covid.  The factions and interests that these regimes serve must be dissolved.


Besides ethno-teleology (volk teleology), all party leaders must understand GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS (GBG).

It is obligatory to read two papers, Murder of Europe and the Founding Issue of the Journal of Genocidal British Geopolitics, as well as the book, CENTURY OF WAR: ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL POLITICS by F. William Engdahl.

These books and articles will give you the working fact to the GBG thesis to be able to deal with current issues, like the Anglo-America’s covid war on the world. It solidifies the necessity of the Ethno-Parliament as the answer to Genocidal British Geopolitics.

GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS brings context to the 20th century by revealing British purpose to the main events.

Genocide is a tool of two-faced British geopolitics.


Lorenz Kraus

Founder, NYS Ethno-Parliament